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Millennium Bridge Results

Well done to everyone who raced round the park and along the river. It was great to see so many familiar faces and lots of new ones, running our pretty course.

The results are

York Millennium Bridge results 2016

If you want previous years results please follow the link below

Millennium Bridge Web Page


May Running

During May the club has been out racing.  On 1st May Chris Price, Pete Murray and Phil Paxman attempted the Bluebell trail race…which includes the notorious Trooper Hill (a mile of steep uphill) and finishes with an awesome river crossing.


This was followed by a day at the seaside  for the Ravenscar Half marathon/ 10km. This is a race of two halves, a steady run out on the old railway line followed by a hilly and scenic return on coast path


We started the fell running season with a great turn out at Clay Bank West race on 4th May. Paul Whittaker (4th) leading the team home. Michael and Dave were close behind in 13/14th. The team finished in 3rd place, just behind Lofthus. The Ladies team finished just outside the medals in 4th place. Fox and Hounds is next in this series on 8 June

The York Road Race League is now well underway, with over 40 acorns participating in this annual extravaganza of 10km road running. It started with Pocklington with a beautiful evening run round the fields. Tadcaster was next. Our times are improving as the series progresses. Paul and Chris are working hard at the front with support coming from Michael, Mark, Andrew and Matthew.

We are organising 10km road race on 7th June on the Knavesmire. We want to field a good team for the night but help will be needed to make the event run smoothly – see the club facebook page for details.

On the 15 June as part of the summer fell series we are organising the Carlton Midsummer Meader. It starts at 7.15pm Cost £6 (enter on the night only). The full fixture list is at:
The route is: http://www.eskvalleyfellclub.org/race_routes/Carlton_Midsummer_Meander_map.pdf





London Marathon 2016

On a chilly Sunday morning 5 acorns set off with 30,000 other runners to complete the London Marathon. Chris Poulton was the first acorn and York runner to finish in a superb 2 hours 43 mins. Abi, in her first road marathon, finished in 3 hours 56 minutes having completed an impressive negative split! Alex finished under 2 minutes from his target time – he was pacing the 4 hour runners who will be pleased at finishing in 3:58. Close behind Alex was Heather who finished in 4:09 – she is the 102nd fasted lady in the F55 category.  Emma ran a great race – just a few months after giving birth, she tackled London – Hats off to her for finishing in 4:52 mins



February Round Up

February saw several members out on the roads, fells and at cross country events.

On the roads, Snake Lane proved to be popular with 10 members competing in this great local race. On a windy day times were alittle slower than previous years

cat Cat Pos Chip GunTime
Paul Whitaker Vet 40 2/105 00:58:23 00:58:25
Christopher Poulton SNR 13/176 00:59:30 00:59:30
Matthew Smithson Vet 45 9/105 01:05:25 01:05:37
Howard Winzar Vet 65 12/18 01:16:51 01:17:03
Chris Price Vet 50 30/66 01:18:31 01:18:48
Helen Minnikin-Spring Vet 35 17/63 01:19:21 01:19:36
Gerry Orchard Vet 60 14/21 01:24:40 01:24:58
John Tattersall Vet 65 12/18 01:24:48 01:25:05
Emma Taylor Vet 35 44/63 01:34:39 01:35:28
Julie Bushell Vet 45 61/62 01:59:45 02:00:37


On the same day, Dave Bannister and Ian Smallwood ran the Glaisdale Rigg fell race. It was a classic fell race, with a long steady climb in the first half, then across a muddy valley, followed by a stiff climb and a long descent. Dave was 6th in cat and Ian 2nd

This year’s Saucony English National Cross Country Championships took place at Donington Park – a park more famous for motor racing and music concerts – and with cars on the circuit beside the course, which also ran adjacent to East Midlands Airport. The senior men’s race over 12km was won by South of England champion Jonathan Hay (0:42). The senior mens race was last to be run, so the course was very churned up by the ladies, boys and girls races. Three Acorn members made the journey…. Martin Kirby was first to finish 1181(1:03),   Ian Smallwood 1270 (1:04), Mark Estienne 1587 (1:14). [Field 1730 runners!] The club facebook page has Mark’s entertaining report.

On Tuesdays there is interval training for those training for the York Summer 10km road series and a steady run for those who want a few miles, whilst on Thursday evenings there is steady run.


Brass Monkey

Superb set of results for the club in the Brass Monkey half marathon – on a chilly Sunday in January over 20 members set off to conquer the roads south of York. Thanks to Knavesmire Harriers for another well organised event and to all the Acorns (and families & friends) out on the course giving our runners some encouragement.

Hope I have not missed anyone


Name Cat Chip Time Gun Time
Paul Whitaker(M) V40 01:15:50 01:15:54
Chris Poulton(M) V35 01:17:58 01:18:02
Michael Carricker V45 01:20:07 01:20:11
Neil Fox(M) M50 01:25:55 01:26:06
Alex Reily(M) M 01:26:09 01:26:29
Matthew Smithson V45 01:26:50 01:27:04
John Cooper(M) V45 01:31:40 01:32:01
Sharon Lynn(F) V40 01:33:57 01:34:22
David Galsworthy V55 01:35:17 01:35:38
John Duston(M) V55 01:36:27 01:36:39
Chris Price(M) V50 01:36:37 01:37:09
Jonathan Fox(M) M 01:39:32 01:39:59
Richard Gover(M) V35 01:40:03 01:40:23
Peter Murray(M) V45 01:42:00 01:42:50
Nicola Gover(F) F 01:44:07 01:44:42
Tom Kingscott(M) M 01:48:02 01:48:42
Heather Farrow(F) V55 01:47:57 01:48:49
Mark Estienne(M) V45 01:49:27 01:49:31
Laura Bennett(F) F 02:00:04 02:01:50
Emma Taylor(F) V35 02:17:55 02:19:55

Christmas and New Year

The club recently conducted its annual Christmas run round the back streets (snickleways) of york…quite a few bemused tourists watched a stream of santas running round the town!

Out on the hills the North Yorks fell series continues to attract members in search of good view, and a respite from the dark evenings of street running.  Whilst members in search of a really long day on the hills have been participating in the Hardmoors series.

It has been great to see several members out in the West Yorkshire Cross Country league, fighting the mud and rain in the parks around Leeds.

The first event of 2016 on 3rd Jan is the cross country relays organised by City of York… Relay Details

This will be closely followed by the Brass Monkey Half Marathon on 17th January

I am always impressed with Park Runs (every Saturday 9am, 5km, Knavesmire)- the York Parkrun is superb and is now a fixture in the York running scene. if you are visiting friends and family there are plenty of park runs scattered across the UK (see map at UK Events)


Autumn Distance Running

The autumn is here, please remember to wear reflective gear when out running on the roads.

Congratulations to all who successfully entered the Brass Monkey Half Marathon. On Tuesdays until mid January there will be a group who are focussed on training for this event in addition to the group going out for a normal steady run.

We have had a good marathon season with Paul Whittaker finishing in 2 hours 45 mins in Berlin. Closer to home several members participated in the York Marathon. The team was led home by Chris Poulton in just under 2 hours 45 minutes.

Pos. Name Gun Time Chip Time Cat. Cat. Pos.
13 Chris Poulton 2:44:45 2:44:44 M 7
920 David Galsworthy 3:47:40 3:47:22 M55 28
1141 Matt Rylatt 3:54:31 3:53:31 M50 84
1298 Kristoff Boynton 3:58:55 3:58:06 M 297
1421 Ian Brown 4:01:05 4:00:03 M55 50
2004 Heather Farrow 4:22:08 4:21:01 F55 12
2017 Mark Estienne 4:22:28 4:20:17 M45 262
2428 Dan Wyrill 4:34:37 4:29:45 M35 355
2799 Jonathan Falshaw 4:49:00 4:41:58 M 572
3616 Jane Marshall 5:47:13 5:42:39 F45 176

On the same day in the 10 mile race we had 5 members competing. Top 3 positions from Howard and Sharon:

Position Name Gun Time Chip Time Cat Cat Pos
51 David Moulder 1:07:12 1:07:07 M 18
139 Howard Winzar 1:13:53 1:13:45 M60 2
149 Sharon Lynn 1:14:22 1:14:12 F40 3
417 Tim Gibson 1:23:57 1:23:21 M40 73
514 Erwin Dorland 1:26:06 1:24:35 M50 31

Millennium Bridge

Well Done to everyone who ran the Millennium Bridge Races. It was a lovely sunny evening for a run down the river banks and round the park.

The provisional results are on this page:

Millennium Bridge Race Details

We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event.


Summer 10km Road Racing

We have had a brilliant summer series.  The competition at the front of the field has been fierce with Acorn men leading the field home on many occasions. Paul, Kristoff and Chris have led the Mens team home to second place in the series. For a small club we definitely “punch above our weight” in these races. In the Ladies competition several superb performances from Sharon put her very high the final tables. But the highlight must Gill and Heather cleaning up in Vets category.

The details of the final race in the series are available on the YRRL web site



Brass Monkey Results

York Acorns turned out in force for a chilly brass monkey half. The icy conditions were obviously to members liking as several personal best times were recorded.  Paul and Michael jostled to be first Acorn home, with Richard G going cleanly under 1.30.  John Duston had a superb race and was closely followed by Chris (recovering from injury) and Sharon (recording another PB). Nicky has improved immensely this year recording another PB, whilst Ian banked the mileage in preparation for London.  Jonathon made his debut at the distance and recorded a solid time – I am sure he will go quicker.  It was great to see Liz out in an Acorn vest again, she has obviously not lost her speed. Emma recorded a good time, and I am always impressed with Mr Heppell’s ability to record a good time.

Finish time Chip time Participant Category Speed Pace
1:17:15 1:17:12 Paul Whitaker (M) V40 10.17 mph 5:53 min/mile
1:20:34 1:20:30 Michael Carricker (M) V40 9.76 mph 6:09 min/mile
1:28:00 1:27:49 Richard Gover (M) V35 8.93 mph 6:43 min/mile
1:32:34 1:32:22 John Duston (M) V55 8.49 mph 7:03 min/mile
1:34:46 1:33:46 Christopher Poulton (M) Open Senior 8.29 mph 7:14 min/mile
1:34:46 1:34:25 Sharon Lynn (F) V40 8.29 mph 7:14 min/mile
1:34:46 1:34:25 David Moulder ? 8.29 mph 7:14 min/mile
1:37:25 1:36:39 Patrick Barnes (M) Open Senior 8.07 mph 7:26 min/mile
1:41:00 1:40:50 Lauren Atkinson (F) Open Senior 7.78 mph 7:42 min/mile
1:43:26 1:42:51 Nicola Gover (F) Open Senior 7.60 mph 7:53 min/mile
1:43:27 1:42:53 Ian Brown (M) V50 7.60 mph 7:53 min/mile
1:45:58 1:44:57 Jonathan Fox (M) Open Senior 7.42 mph 8:05 min/mile
1:48:16 1:47:15 Jane Lawson (F) V50 7.26 mph 8:15 min/mile
1:49:29 1:48:56 Liz Gilley (F) V35 7.18 mph 8:21 min/mile
1:50:06 1:49:00 Peter Murray (M) V40 7.14 mph 8:24 min/mile
1:51:12 1:50:14 Emma Taylor (F) V35 7.07 mph 8:29 min/mile
1:54:08 1:53:01 Sarah Masefield (F) V35 6.89 mph 8:42 min/mile
2:09:27 2:08:37 Andrew Heppell (M) V55 6.07 mph 9:52 min/mile