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Cleveland Relay

The Cleveland Way Relay June 2013

A long day starting at Filey at 5 am as York Acorn toed the line along with eleven other teams in this massive test of navigation, endurance and on this day at least battling the elements. The weather conditions on parts of the route were probably the worst I’ve known since 2000 when Skinnigrove infamously got flooded. Loftus are always favourites on their home turf and we were looking to repeat last year’s excellent second.

Leg 1 Patrick Barnes
Anyway Patrick Barnes was first off from Filey Landings and after a steepish climb onto the cliff tops it’s an undulating pleasant run, slightly curtailed this year due to the cliff falling into the sea from Cayton Bay onwards. Loftus came in first with Pat just a minute adrift from Quakers at Valley Bridge

Leg 2  Matt Driscoll
Matt was a late call up but had a blinding run overtaking the Quakers runner well before the Sealife Centre .The route from then on to cloughton Wyke is nasty trickery with plenty of wet steps and steep ascents and Matt had a minor tumble on the descent to the finish.

Leg 3  Paul Goble
Paul had been second in a local 5k run the previous weekend and is in great shape. This is a difficult run and mainly uphill it seems but Paul stuck superbly to his task as ever to arrive at Ravenscar ten minutes adrift of Loftus but with good daylight to third.

Leg 4 Dave Chaplin
Dave says….
After you quizzed the Loftus team on whether the beach was accessible I took the beach route – this proved pretty tough going – it was a bit wet but big problem was uneven and slippery. I think Loftus went along the cliff because when I backtracked to my car there were runners’ footprints and I then saw the 3rd and 4th placed teams coming along the cliff path too. A lesson for me for next year!

My leg was basically eyeballs out downhill, energy sapping beach run and then that bloody hill at RHBay which gets steeper the closer you get to the top. Well done to Heather Tuffs who came a few metres down the slope to meet me before I collapsed. As usual the CW is my favourite run of the year…

Leg 5 Heather Tuffs (Robin hoods Bay to Whitby)
Heather has now inherited this run from her dad who used to do it many moons ago and it was good to see Pete out running around 15 minutes behind.

Heather is in great running form having earlier in the year recorded 4.20 3 peaks and it was with little surprise that  she maintained the Loftus lead at around the 15 minute mark as she scrambled up the hill to hand over to Matt.

One of the great views on the whole route I would say is that when the runners come into sight near the Abbey.

Leg 6  Matthew Gurney (Whitby to Runswick Bay)
Matt says …………
Armed with relevant OS map and compass, only two brief navigational stops were required on the 8 mile leg which I have to admit proved to be far tougher than anticipated. Gruelling stepped climbs in warm, close conditions (somehow, I managed to avoid all of those torrential rain showers) together with an energy-sapping beach section proved to be a real test of will and stamina, especially when faced with the daunting prospect of that final climb up the road to the changeover at Runswick Bay. Final words of encouragement and cheers from the small crowd of onlookers assisted me on those last painful steps as I handed over to ever gracious Andy Munzer. On reflection, I know that I was not fully prepared for the run and was suffering a little from an intense few days of running prior to the event. Next year should be a different story altogether, now that the route is familiar!

Leg 7  Andy Munzer
Great run by Andy on a really tough leg including massive climb at Boultby bank then a horrible descent into Skinnigrove which I believe was once included in a Sky TV series called ‘Britain’s Hardest Villages’!

Leg 8 Andy Normandale
Andy says……
I was on the leg from Skinningrove to Slapewath. The Loftus and Whitby runner arrived looking very strong and Paul Butler took over from him. Paul is a strong runner so I wasn’t going to make up any time on him; it was just a question of limiting lost time. Andy M came in about 25 minutes later with the weather cloudy and rain threatening. The leg starts with a run over the dunes, so when I got to the top of the cliff I stopped to empty the sand from my shoes and then it was off along the cliffs to Saltburn. At Saltburn I turned inland up a valley and at this point the heavens opened. Fortunately the rain didn’t last too long and by the time I got to Skelton there was sunshine and it was very hot. Steady climb then before the final drop around the quarry at Slapewath across the road and hand over to Dave Bannister.

Leg 9  Dave Bannister
Dave says ……
All we have to do is turn up and run; huge thanks to Jerry for organising the event which was great. It makes me feel part of the club and a team even though you only see the runner before and after, but there are lifts, chatting with the other runners and a bonding that no corporate do could match.

I was on the leg from Skinningrove to Slapewath. The Loftus and Whitby runner arrived looking very strong and Paul Butler took over from him. Paul is a strong runner so I wasn’t going to make up any time on him; it was just a question of limiting lost time. Andy M came in about 25 minutes later with the weather cloudy and rain threatening. The leg starts with a run over the dunes, so when I got to the top of the cliff I stopped to empty the sand from my shoes and then it was off along the cliffs to Saltburn. At Saltburn I turned inland up a valley and at this point the heavens opened. Fortunately the rain didn’t last too long and by the time I got to Skelton there was sunshine and it was very hot. Steady climb then before the final drop around the quarry at Slapewath across the road and hand over to Dave Bannister.Mud. Rain. Wind. Hail. Lightning. Hills. Sunshine. Glorious views. Rosemary Topping and that great big bloody dip in front of it. All that was just my leg, number 9 and it wasn’t a dream (sorry, bad literary joke for Munzer). Will I do it again next year? Of course, it was blooming marvellous and I loved it. Thanks Jerry and all the other runners.

Leg 10 George Barnes and Chris Poulton
(Gribdale to top of hill above Kildale)
Climb, long descent, small bit of flat, massive climb at end in 4 miles…Chris had never run this so George was showing him route before Chris (for the most part) blasted up the hill…pot hole crazy road, and was glad to be in the old Volvo

Leg 11 Steve Mummery and Mark Estienne (Top of hill to Clay bank)
Truly horrendous conditions on top of the moor as the weather came in to soak the lads more or less from start to finish.Horrible!Lads about 40 minutes down to loftus at end of leg but 20 clear of 3rd. as the mass start began for second half of race..

Leg 12 Mark Dowson
Mark says……
It was a relief when the rain seemed to have stopped for the start of my leg with its unexpectedly steep climb. Unfortunately it came back with a vengeance. I could have left my water bottle behind, because I only needed to open my mouth to get a drink from the water coming down from above. The hail was something else and less than pleasant against bare skin.

There was one particularly steep and rocky descent, which was feeling very treacherous under foot, due in part to the wet conditions. I had this brilliant idea of running on the grass to one side of the path and in the next moment tumbled head over heels, fortunately taking the impact on my left arm and leg then a moment later was upon my feet again, this time sticking to the rocky path, having learnt my lesson.

Weary of a repeat of the very first time I ran a leg of the Cleveland Way, I kept an eye on the runner behind me, often holding gates open for him. It was a bit disappointing to find the runner I was closing on towards the end was only Mike Raynes, who was taking over from me.

Leg 13  Mike Raynes (Lordstones to Osmotherley)
Mike says …
Just avoided thunder storms before and after my leg but wearing road shoes on the slippery cobbles and stone was not ideal in wet conditions. Ran round in 62 minutes on another undulating leg.

Leg 14 Mike Schofield (Osmotherley to Sneck Yate)
Great run from Mike in around an hour to gain places in a really tough leg with loads of ascent up to the top of Black Hambleton in the first 25 minutes.

Leg 15 Phil Nesom (Sneck Yate to Helmsley road)
Andy’s son had a great run along the flattest leg of the course which follows the ridge to the White Horse as the weather deteriorated again .This allowed him to pass over to Josh around 10 minutes adrift of Loftus ( from the mass start ) and 4 minutes behind Bilingham Marsh house

Leg 16 (Josh Schofield Helmsley Road to Helmsley)
The moment he set off it looked almost inevitable that Josh Schofield  would catch  Billingham and in treacherous conditions he recorded 42 minutes with the Billingham lad nowhere in sight to finish in comparative warmth at Helmsley marketplace seven minutes or so adrift of Loftus.



And so it ended with another second place. Many thanks to Martin Dietrich for organizing from NYM and well done as ever to Loftus. Good to see some of the old faces !Hopefully we can recruit some new runners to do this next year to supplement our new boys who did so well and keep our team going.

We had a total of 8 runners who were new to the event and 5 runners have parents who have previously done this. Also four teenagers which must be a record for us!

Next year’s event is around 22 June. Wouldn’t it be great if every leg could shave an average of 3 minutes off to make it a really close battle with Loftus and whoever….  But whatever is a great day out ….

Jerry Barnes

Baildon Boundary Way

Several Acorns had a sparkling day running round the hills and canals of West Yorkshire. It was glorious running down through the Esholt woods, with spring in the air (or was it the sewage works!). We then came to the canal, 3 miles of running torture – very boring and tedious but it put miles under our feet. Just past Shipley we took to the country, up Shipley Glen, which sounds quite beautiful, until you have to run it! We eventually appeared at the top and then cantered across Baildon moor to the gallops. For those with time on their hands there was a great view across the snow drifts towards the Chevin and Leeds airport. Soon it was downhill, then across the road with a sharp up hill in the finish field.

The results are:

Pos Name Cat Time Cat Position
60 GOVER, Richard M 1:39:35 21/78
64 SMALLWOOD, Ian M50 1:41:05 9/52
98 LEWIS, Paul M50 1:46:16 13/52
178 BROWN, Ian M50 1:58:28 30/52
193 BINNS, Geoff M40 2:00:59 66/91
239 ROYCE, Michael M 2:10:02 62/78
288 TAYLOR, Emma F 2:17:48 15/21
308 FAWCETT, Andy M 2:24:15 75/78


Park runs, Handicaps and Hills

On 8 September several members completed the 5km park runs

Results for Dewsbury parkrun, event number 12, 08/09/2012.

16 Jerry BARNES 00:21:04

Results for York parkrun, event number 29, 08/09/2012.

6 Michael RAYNES 00:17:47

22 Mark ESTIENNE 00:20:17

40 Mark SAW 00:21:50

65 John Harold TATTERSALL 00:24:23

70 Mike ROYCE 00:24:36

107 Andy HEPPELL 00:28:28

134 participants completed the run


Last week the Club Handicap was won by Andy Heppell. He set off first and stormed round the course and was not overtaken by the speed merchants. Further back there were several battles as the quicker runners tried to claw their way through the field. Whilst the excellent curry (special thanks to Janet for organising this) was  being consumed there were plenty “if only I had a better handicap” or “if only I ran quicker” stories – next time perhaps?


Some of the more adventurous members, who appreciate the challenge of a hill or two, took the bus to the Lincolnshire Wolds Tough 10km. The club won several age group prizes (Andy, Liz and others). Whilst in the North York Moors Series, we participated in a new race “Inclined to Madness” (perhaps that is the definition of a fell runner!). The mens team came second to the local club Esk Valley and Steve Mummery looks set to be his veteran catagory winner in the series.



22 June running reports

Well what a weekend!

On Friday we were all disappointed as Mark very wisely aborted his BGR attempt due to the exceptional weather forecast for the weekend. There are some real disaster stories on the FRA forum from those teams that attempted to do “the Round”.  We were not alone in aborting – dark peak fell runners and dallam runners also pulled their runners.  We are now looking forward Friday 20 june at about 6pm when Mark will start from Keswick on his round.

On a happier note, on Sunday we fielded a team in the Cleveland Way Relay. Thanks to Jerry for organising us. Here is his report of the day:

Acorns involvement in this brilliant free event goes back to the mid nineties whilst Nestle Rowntree AC were involved in the early years .Over the period  we have achieved one famous victory around five years ago when the Loftus runner went the wrong way near Hemsley and Andy Nesome sneaked in for a one minute victory in just over the thirteen hour mark.
This year we were never going to repeat that feat after  a number of dropouts and a mixed bag of the fast ( Tom Bean ) the reliable (Paul Goble ) and the resurrected (John Duston). The weather for the most part was a combination of rain and sun, with conditions underfoot treacherous in many places. Tom Vale kicked off the proceedings at 5 am from Filey Brigg and was second of ten teams on the hour long run along the clifftops to Valley Bridge, Scarborough. Steve Ratcliffe then cut into the Loftus lead to Cloughton Wyke before Paul Goble battled gamely to finish 3 seconds behind the leaders. Phil Nesome then ran superbly to Robin Hoods Bay and Dave Chaplin then continued to Whitby, coming into sight as he descended the steps from the abbey.
Andy Normandale took over here and cut into the lead again in a run which culminates with the steep road climb up to Runswick Bay. An even bigger climb met Steve Ratcliffe on his second outing of the day out of Staithes and towards the unique village of Skinnigrove. A famous photo in my album has Bob Duncan in 2000 marauding through three feet of floodwater in the village. Sadly the village flooded again in the November but  a wall now protects  the villagers. Steve did really well against one of Loftus best runners Paul Butler and the lead was only around 10 minutes.
Andy Hilton, Acorn legend and probably our best ever runner then took over for his swansong. A rough,tough leg and Andy battled to keep us in the race. He has been a great club member and the main man alongside Bob in our purple patch of team victories around a decade ago . On the long hilly leg from Slapwath up through Guisborough Woods and the horror of ascending and descending Roseberry Topping  debutant Dave Bannister couldn’t keep Leeds fan Dave Parkin in sight but most importantly built up the lead on NYM. Pat Barnes then took on the short but tough leg up Captain Cooks, down off it and then up towards the moor. Fortunately for us our best runner Tom Bean had taken sympathy and came half way down the hill to take over to Clay Bank. A great run and although well adrift of  Loftus the lead over NYM was 45 minutes.

Our own “Dads Army” then took over as John Duston over the treacherous Wainstones, Steve Mummery on the scenic leg to above and then into Osmotherley and Lord Gerry Orchard up on the uphill leg to Black Hambleton and then over the moor to Sneck Yate. Gerry then retreated back into his current Romany lifestyle.

By this time NYM  had cut the lead to about 25 minutes but Mike Raynes on the Dowson leg  out and back to the White Horse and Charlotte Mason to Hemsley cruised home to give us a 15 minute buffer with Loftus taking the win by an hour in 13 hours 15 minutes. Many thanks to Charlotte for stepping into the breach at late notice and to Dave Paver for recceing with her.
Other teams included Billingham Marsh House and Quakers. Another great day out and a brilliant effort by all concerned. It was good to see all the old Loftus faces in what is and always will be a classic event which covers all that is best about our county. A special thanks also to NYMs Martin Dietrich for organising so efferctively.I will send results round when available.


The 33rd Swaledale Marathon was on Saturday 9th June 2012. 419 participants completed the route. Conditions were bright and fine for most of the route providing magnificent views of Arkengarthdale and Swaledale. Rainfall over previous days led to ‘soft going’ in places. Showers developed over the last section of the route and Reeth, leading to a refreshing finish for most competitors. Congratulations to all finishers

Pos/ Time/ Name/ Class
58 04:29 Peter Atkinson M50
75 04:41 Paul Lewis M50
80 04:46 Peter Murray M
91 04:49 Paul Richardson M
121 05:03 Philip Paxman M50
145 05:19 Gerry Orchard M50
183 05:39 Julie Bushell F
269 06:36 Geoff Binns M
338 07:39 Jerry Barnes M50
Great result for the Men who finished 4th team overall


Baildon Boundary Way

Yesterday saw several members nip over to Leeds and attempt the Baildon Boundary way.  The race leaves Baildon and heads over to Esholt. The woods provide some interest at this stage. It is then onto the canal for a tedious few miles before heading back uphill through some beautiful woods. The finish magically appears after crossing Baildon Moor. Congratulations to Mike on winning the his catagory.  The results are:

Pos Name Cat Time Cat Position
73 TRANTER, Rory M 1:40:54   34/98
101 ESTIENNE, Mark M40 1:44:42   26/88
176 MURRAY, Peter M40 1:54:38   56/88
178 TAYLOR, Emma F 1:55:02   13/29
232 TASKER, Michael M70 2:02:06   1/1
290 GIBSON, Janet F45 2:11:58   16/31
309 BURNS, Elisabeth F35 2:15:46   30/40


Rombalds Stride

Early February saw me heading off to Guiseley for 20 miles round Ilkey Moor. Just to spur me on the weather forecast was that snow would arrive at lunch time. A mass start at 9am is always an informal affair, with the ring of a bell we were off across the road and straight into a stile or two (bit of a crush with 300 runners!) However we were soon speeding on through the woods to Esholt (home of Emmerdale) and onwards to the first checkpoint. A brisk climb up Rombalds Moor and then over to Harvey Smith’s race course where I grabbed my first cup of tea at the checkpoint. The next stretch over Ilkey Moor is normally quite boggy, but due to the frozen ground it was more like a trail race. It was good to reach the radio mast at the summit in a reasonable shape. I then headed for the final loop of the moor before going back to a check point near Ilkley outdoor swimming pool. I very much enjoyed the cake and tea here and loitered for minutte or two enjoying the views. I was all too soon setting off back along the edge of the moor near the Cow and Calf to Burleywoodhead. The final climb up the Chevin is a real sting in the tale, but once over the top it is a lovely run down back to the start line. I finished in 3 hours 27 mins just as the snow arrived. There was a great atmosphere in the school hall with lots of steaming runners enjoying a well earned pie/ peas, cake and tea.

Ian S

New Year Cross Country

The cross country results have been published by Mark on the facebook site together with photos etc. There was a magnificent turnout for this great local cross country which involves many local clubs and runners.

Some “serious”  sprinting was undertaken by Andy Normandale running under the City of York banner to finish as part of the 3rd team. Mike Raynes led our next team (Mike, Mark Dowson and Karen Wood) home in 13th place. In 16th place Gerry Barnes, Pat Barnes and Sam Russell ran a great races. Behind them was Mark Estienne, Steve Mummery and Matt Driscoll came home in 30th place. As part of a “composite” team Julie Lawn had a good run round the course.

Well done to all who participated


Jolly Holly Results

A fine performance from those that made the trip to Ripon. A damp and soggy course led to faster times that previous years when ice and snow impeded progress.
Pos Time Name Class
3 0:37:36 NORMANDALE, Andy M50
4 0:37:52 PENTY, Becky F<40
15 0:39:53 Raynes Mike M<40
73 0:44:52 RYLATT, Matt M50
89 0:46:13 TUFFS, Heather F<40
95 0:46:44 ESTIENNE, Mark M40
169 0:51:28 Paver Dave M50
180 0:52:18 SPRING, Helen F<40
183 0:52:20 CORNFIELD, Judith F50
192 0:53:09 EDEN, Laura F<40
238 0:55:42 STRINGER, Claire F<40
292 0:59:52 ELLIOTT, David M50

Well done to all and look forward to some great tuesdays, thursdays and races in the new year

Race reports Ossy Oiks and Easingwold 10k

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