Running Club

English Championship Fixtures 2014

5th April Pendle AS
3rd May Coniston Horseshoe AM
7th June Ennerdale Horseshoe AL
20th July Kentmere Horseshoe AM
17th August Sedburgh Hills AL
13th September Hodder Valley AS


Yorkshire Championship Fixtures 2014

13th July Juniors Kettlewell
25th October Seniors Great Whernside, Kettlewell AS
2nd November Veterans ? Cop Hill CM

Fell races are classified according to length and the amount of climbing. A race of 12 miles or more is L(long), 6 miles, but less than 12 is M(medium) and less than 6 mile is S(short). Races with 250ft of climb per mile or more are classed as A, B races have between 150 and 250ft of climb per mile and C races have between 100 and 150ft of climb per mile.