Running Club

New Members

Joining a club is a great way to meet like minded people and improve your running. York Acorn is a friendly, relaxed club and new members are always welcome. With our mix of abilities and interests there's always likely to be someone you can run with. Our shortest/steadiest runs are generally about 5 miles/ 50 minutes, so in order to get the most out of the club, we recommend that you are able to run about this distance/time before coming along. However, if you are slower than this contact us anyway, and we may be able to give you advice, or match you with a trainer to get you up to 5 miles before you join our club runs. Tuesday nights tend to be our faster nights, so if you would prefer a steadier run, then Thursday night is likely to suit you better (see 'Club-Training Sessions' page for further info).

In order that we comply with UK Athletics regulations we advise that new runners are over the age of 18 when they run with the club. Any members below the age of 18 may be interested in approaching City of York Athletics Club, with whom we are affiliated. Our membership has no upper age limit.

How do I become a member?

Come along for a taster evening. You can either just turn up, or contact us beforehand so we know to look out for you. If you think we may be the club for you, you can apply to join by completing the application form (download) and returning it to the Club Chairman (John Tattersall) along with the annual membership fee. Once this has been submitted you will receive an identification number from UK Athletics which can be used to get discounted race entry fees and other perks.

For further information get in touch with us using the information provided on our contacts page.

What the club can do for you.... and what you can do for the club

What can I expect from the Club?
  • A safe environment in which to develop your running skills.
  • A lively social environment where you can mix with other runners of all levels and abilities.
  • Encouragement and support to help you meet your own personal and athletic goals, build confidence and represent York Acorn in any races or events you chose to participate in.
What does the Club expect from me?
  • A willingness to take part and "have a go"
  • Appropriate dress (sports clothing, high viz and trainers)
  • Wear the club vest at races (see 'Kit' section)
  • A wicked sense of humour will help!
Giving something back

At York Acorn we firmly believe that giving back is an essential part of being a club member. As such, we support other local activities, for example providing marshalls for events such as the Race for Life and Jane Tomlinson races, as well as supporting and sponsoring our own club members in their races.

Who to contact?

You can contact either of the members below to make enquiries about the club:

Paul Richardson Tel : 07756 521 824 paul.richardson4040@ntlworld.com
Sue Hatfield Tel : 07957 330 186 yorkacornrun@gmail.com

Your enquiry will be passed on to the appropriate person according to your particular interest.

Membership Fees

Membership renewal is due on 1 February each year. Full membership remains at 25, family membership (2+ members of same family at same address) 40, unwaged is 10 and second claim membership is now 15. However, second claim members must notify the Treasurer that they wish to continue as such for another year and quote their UKA number and name of first claim club.

Please make cheques payable to York Acorn Running Club and post to Treasurer at the address below.

M Tasker
Chapel House, The Green, Nun Monkton, York, YO26 8EW
or York Acorn Running Club, Thanet Road, York, YO24 2NW


York Acorn committee members are elected at the annual general meeting and work to a pre-determined constitution. Download constitution.

Committee members include:

  • Chairperson: John Tattersall
  • Secretary: Paul Richardson
  • Treasurer: Mike Tasker
  • Fells and Vets: Andy Normandale

The committee meets every 2-3 months and members are welcome to bring issues of concern to any committee member or to attend a committee meeting to discuss specific issues. We hold our annual general meeting each February and all club members are encouraged to attend.


Club kit includes red and black York Acorn vests or t-shirts and black shorts or tracksuit bottoms. Club jackets are also available.

Members MUST run races in a club vest to show their affiliation to the club (very proudly!!).

All kit is available in ladies and gents sizes and can be purchased from John Tattersall after club-runs.

Vests and Shorts

Racing vests and short sleeved t-shirts are available, both in red, lightweight wicking material with the club logo in black. Prices are: vests 13; T shirts 16.75.

York Acorn Club Vest and Shorts

Tracksuit Bottoms

Winter warmer tracksuit bottoms are also available. These have a drawstring waist, foot stirrups and a zipped rear pocket to keep your car key or jelly babies safe and cost 15.

York Acorn Leggins


Lightweight jackets with the Acorn club logo cost 27.